What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a high energy, high frequency light, with short wavelengths that fall within the range of 400-500nm on the visible light spectrum. Research and studies show a link between eye damage and short wavelengths between 415-455nm. Exposure to these harmful wavelengths come from a variety of different technologies including smartphones, computers, and televisions. 

Potential Side Effects of Blue Light

Eye Strain and Damage

Disruption of Sleep Patterns

Headaches / Dizziness


How Phantom Works

We have designed high quality, stylish, blue light blockers that filter out harmful wavelengths we encounter in our everyday life. We are able to filter the highest energy wavelengths of 415-455nm using superior CR-39 lenses without distorting color. Wearing Phantom Lenses reduces eye strain and increases energy... all while looking good, too!